Looking Through A Lens

Most of you do not know that I’ve been interning the whole time while I’ve been abroad. SCHOOL AND WORK?! WOW I KNOW!! I THOUGHT ALLIE ONLY TRAVELED AND BLOGGED ABOUT BEING LAME.



Yes, yes I do actually take classes (real time update: turns out I have a 10 page paper due next week in one of my classes that I had no freaking clue about…ugh) and work about 10 hours a week. Gotta love free labor.


Anyways, so I work under Darrell Jonsson, an amazingly fabulous artist in his studio that’s situated in this building/venue called Meet Factory.  “What is Meet Factory?” you might ask. Well, after three months I still am not exactly sure…but their tagline is…

a space to live art //
Gallery. Residency. Theatre. Music.

…so that’s kinda cool ? Sometimes I walk through the dimly lit hallways of this old warehouse and see other artists working in their studios, other times the bar downstairs is hopping, and some night I leave work pushing my way through pop-punk Czech teens lined up for the concert inside their huge music venue. It’s never a dull night. OH AND THEY HAVE AN WAREHOUSE PUPPY. THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME.


OKOKOK, so I’ve been interning under Darrell as his one and only member of the marketing/communication/event management/outreach team (did I mention this was free labor…?) working on fun stuff like coding his website, running his social, locking down event venues, and helping run Open Studio nights. Throughout all of this crazy workload, I’ve really been so appreciative of being exposed to such a unique world. The Czech art culture — h*ll, the entire art world in general — is freakin amazing. The passion, the love, and the community that is built right beneath every one else outside of this world is astounding. The work that goes into a simple photograph, the meaning behind a single film reel, or even just the hours spent trying to understand how your work can make a difference in this world was all so much more than I ever expected.

So, with all the crazy things going on in this world and all the people hurting other people and telling each other they’re wrong and spreading so much hate, I’m choosing to look towards art. As I’ve said in many, many job interviews, I was raised on music, dry humor, and creativity alone. 

Internship, you will be surprisingly missed, but thank you so much for reawakening a love for art, music, film, and happiness that I must have forgotten somewhere along the way.




Go do some good.


LESSON DARRELL: Thanks for the warm cup of Jasmine tea every Monday/Wednesday, letting me run around the studio in your animal masks, and taking the time to teach me how to play each foreign instrument in the studio even though that has nothing to do with my job description. You truly love what you do and it made the studio such a joyous atmosphere to work in even though the commute was way too long and sometimes involved junkyards and train tracks BUT it’s cool, that’s what pepperspray is for.

Love what you do, love where you are, love who you were meant to be.


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